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Shanghai yousheng printers consumable Co. Ltd. (as the “Yousheng” here in after), headquarter located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, cover an area of 1000 square meter. Our company has already passed the ISO9001 international quality system authentication as well as the ISO14001 environment system authentication. The toner cartridge factory is in Zhuhai Guangdong, area is 2000 square meter. R&D department located at Taoyuan Taiwan. 

10 years experience of remanufactured ink and toner cartridge, with developed technology and management, now we are supply OEM service for many clients from Japan, Europe and the Middle East. Round 60% of clients we worked together for over 4 years , and gave a high reputation.

We take persistent innovation and endeavor as our life. And this principle has led us to the one of the best influential companies in consumable industry.

Full raw materials in store assures us meet clients heavy demand in short time. Stable collection point from Europe, USA, Canada, and Japan guaranteed our high quality and low price.Taiwan research and development team provided  us  facility  and  technology support  at  regular  intervals.  All  the facilities in our factory are automatic or semi-automatic, so that we can greatly cut down  the  negligence  of  manualoperation .

At Yousheng we pursued detail excellence. Our QC testing system strictly act up to the ISO9001,14000 authenticationstandard,every ink cartridge including its package will be examined by QC Inspector.

Quality control mainly adopts the following steps:

Raw material test: To ensure the appearance and chip of every ink cartridge reach the remanufacture standard.

Work environment test: To ensure the ink cartridge can work well in different temperature and humidity.

Paper test: To ensure the products can work with different kind of paper.

Printing Test: To ensure the printing color and the ink spread.

High temperature, air pressure test: To ensure production can work well after air or sea shipping.

Printout test: test the yeild pages.

As for toner cartridge produce process please take the attachment as reference.

Each client is our pride, and it is your support which makes us stronger and stronger.

We have missed your yesterday, but we are waiting for your tomorrow…